Portland Cement

SKU Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Qty/skid
PORT20 20 44 80
PORT40 40 88 40
PORT800 800 1760 2
PORT1000 1000 2200 2

Use: Ideal for all general concrete work, such as floors, footings, patios, laying block, setting posts/poles and general repairs.

Coverage & Strength: One 40 kg bag will produce approximately 0.13m3 (4.5 ft3) of concrete or lay approximately 40 standard blocks. Eight bags of Portland will produce approximately 1m3 of 25 MPa concrete.

Mixing: To make mortar mix, mix 6:2:1 (Sand, Portland, Seal Bond). To make concrete mix, mix 3:2:1 (Gravel, Sand, Portland).

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